Monday, March 8, 2010

Charles In Charge!

Remember that show? I've been singing the theme song to it ever since we decided on the name for this kitty. Well, let me just tell ya, this Charles is SO not in charge! He is more like the definition of a "scared-y cat". He is just an emotional train wreck - loving the attention when he gets it (as seen in the pics below), but all the same hissing at me when I initially pick him up! He currently hides in the bathroom behind the toilet and only comes out when we bring him out. I may have to see if the Dog Whisperer would be willing to take a look at him. But alas, please welcome Charles!

He's giving that awesome kitty glare that I so love!

He looks so peaceful here! There's hope!

When he's not hiding behind the toilet, he hides under the end tables!
(Ignore the Christmas presents we still have for Joel's brother & his g/f!)

He's a ham! There IS potential here!

It's hard having a cat who doesn't want to be all over you from the very beginning. ALL of the cats I had growing up always wanted held! And while Charles seemed to be fine yesterday (evidence in the above pics), today he wants NO parts in being held. *Sigh*.

Hope you had a great weekend.... while I pet-sat this little crazy kitty!

1 comment:

  1. He is a cutie! I am sure he will come around soon.

    One of our past kitties was a shelter rescue and was very skittish... but before long she ruled the roost and was very cuddly--still scrappy-- but cuddly


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