Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catching Up

Blogging on a regular basis? Fail!

I have good excuses, I promise! 

Just a week and a half ago I completed move number 12 in my lifetime.  People have said: "It must get easier since you've done it so many times."  That is a big, fat NO!  Sure, I have acquired moving strategies from doing it so many times, but we're talking about how my very first move to Duquesne University was simply an SUV full of stuff.  Now I'm hiring movers and a using a large Uhaul-style vehicle!  As time goes on, more crap is acquired, and therefore it does NOT get easier.  It takes me longer to pack, longer to move, you get the idea.  Alas, on Oct 15 Charles and I left my lovely apartment and moved in with J-J.  I have been working ever since to get my bedroom in order and "just right" - making it my home away from home for the next....I don't even know how long at this point! 

On top of moving, school is still going on.  That bit of fun does not stop for moving unfortunately!  I spent a hasty Monday evening this past week catching up on assignments and turning papers in.  I even scheduled Spring 2011's classes just yesterday!  Holy cow I am a real college student again!  That is still a huge shocker for me!  I'm okay though - I'm keeping up and getting AWESOME grades and enjoying the lifestyle I have been forced into as a result.

I vowed that I would not let my reading habits slip under the rug like they did at Penn State.  Still, I am a slooooow reader and almost a month later I am still reading The Help.  A GREAT read, but my time is limited between work, school assignments and leisure time!  I have about 40 pages left and then I'll be on to the Maryland One Book selection for 2010 - Outcasts United.  I hope to give my review for The Help this weekend!

This past weekend I traveled to my sister's house in central Pennsylvania to visit with my niece.  She is so much fun, and also FUNNY. Two years of age and she knows so much already.  So polite and energetic and just so darn cute too!  We took part in some fall activities - jumping in raked-leaf piles and carving pumpkins....

Grace and her kitty, Jack

Relaxing after a long weekend of fun with Aunt Hilary! :)

"Lay down Aunt Hilary so I can throw leaves on you."

Here it comes....

Our pumpkins - I did the cat one on the left (free hand thank you!)

P.S. I'm going to be an aunt again come March 31!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where's Charles?

Tomorrow is moving day, and my cat is absolutely loving the conditions in the apartment right now.  It's like his own personal jungle - complete with ankle ambushes from behind boxes and "mountain climbing"... Tomorrow at this time the movers will be here.... wish me luck!

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