Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Inn at Eagle Point by Sherryl Woods

*Tap Tap*

Is this mic on?

Whoaaaa.  Heyyyyy!  Long time no "see".

So I just finished The Inn at Eagle Point, which is the first book in the Chesapeake Shores series by Sherryl Woods.  I wouldn't classify these as romance novels, but this first one was definitely a drama and romance thrown in to one... is that a dromance?

I liked this first book enough that I'd like to continue with this series.  It's about an Irish family that lives along the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  I love the Bay, and I love Maryland, and so this series is meant for me! :)  I also enjoy series book (like the Alex Cross series!).  The Inn at Eagle Point is mostly about 2 sisters and a man, of course.  Abby is Jess's older sister and someone who stepped in to assume the role of "mom" when theirs walked out on them as children.  Abby resides in NYC full-time, but has to return to her hometown to help her sister get the Inn on it's feet.   The man's name is Trace and I won't tell you which girl he likes :).

You can certainly expect to see more of this series from me in the future!

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