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Outcasts United by Warren St. John

Outcasts United took me way too long to read... and so it is with great pleasure that I finally bring you this post - signaling the end!

St. John's book is based on a true story that takes place in a small Atlanta suburb called Clarkston.  This Georgia town happens to be the landing spot for many refugees making their way into the United States.  If you're from a small town similar to that of Clarkston, then you can probably begin to imagine the issues that would occur when a large volume of "foreign" people take up residency in your town!  In short, many locals were NOT accepting of the rapidly growing diversity that was consuming their neighborhoods.  Still, throughout all the opposition, a young Jordanian immigrant, who had lived in the U.S. for many years prior to moving to Georgia, managed to create a soccer team comprised solely of refugee boys.  Outcasts United is mainly about this group of young men and boys, a soccer team aptly named the Fugees.  The book talks at length about the struggles of uniting a diverse group of boys, the challenges faced with each practice and soccer game, and how the city council of Clarkston tried to sabotage the Fugees' success as a formal soccer team.

If you enjoy reading books about struggles over diversity/culture and/or soccer, then this book is for you!  I read this book as part of my church's book club pick of the month.  It was also the One Maryland One Book for 2010.         

I gave this book 2/5 stars on

The next book on my 2010 Book List is Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner.  I needed a light, girly read to round out 2010!  My goal would be to finish this book while on Christmas break.

Speaking of that upcoming holiday, I want to wish my readers a blessed Christmas and joyous New Year!  It is my hope that you are able to find peace in the meaning of the Christmas season, and happiness looking forward to 2011.  I, for one, am hoping that 2011 brings positive change to my life.  As many of you know, 2010 was dotted with illness, funerals for my uncle, grandma and grandfather, and of course, no year would be complete for me without moving.  I am looking forward to continuing my nursing education, exposing myself to new opportunities, and of course, reading more books!

Merry Christmas! 

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