Thursday, September 24, 2009

Book Festival 2009 - Here We Come!

*Image Courtesy of Library of Congress

This Saturday is the Library of Congress's Book Festival. I am SO excited to go see this with my friend Katie. Some of my favorite authors have made their way to our Nation's Capital for this special event including Jodi Picoult, James Patterson (good ole 'Jimmy' in our book), and my childhood favorite, Judy Blume. Also making an appearance is "Just add 20 sticks of butter ya'll".... Paula Deen!!! I really cannot wait to get there Saturday morning, and I hope that I get the opportunity to see all of the authors on my must-see list. Paula Deen will have to be our first stop simply because I love her, her show, her food, and most of all - her accent! This will be my first Book Festival, but I hope it's so special that it can become an annual outing for Miss Katherine and I! Stay tuned for a good story and hopefully some awesome pictures of me and that southern belle!

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