Monday, May 31, 2010

A Trip to the Beach

Two weeks ago Joel, his father & brother and myself took a long weekend trip to Ocean City, MD. This trip had been planned for months and it came at just the right time. Joel wanted to get there for the 'striper run' - he coordinated our trip right down to the phases of the moon (a striper is also known as a 'rockfish' or 'striped bass'. The striper run is when all the fish migrate north again after the winter.) After traveling to Pennsylvania for 3 straight weeks, enduring the loss of my uncle in the midst of that, a relaxing trip to the ocean was just what the doctor ordered!

The view from our balcony... & a crab-shaped cloud to boot!

The fishing had to begin almost as soon as we got there - Joel was ansy! That's him cutting up his bait, which was another type of fish.

So that just meant while Joel fished, I played around with some photography...

I'm proud to say I'm a close second to his love for fishing...

His 15 foot pole - it catches 'big shit'...

He was so excited to be fishing after a long, harsh winter in Maryland...

It is my hope that someday I will get to live next to this..

A heart I drew with our initial in it :) - JJ in the background

trying to go for the big one!

found a horseshoe crab with some mussels that decided to hitch a ride...

sadly for Joel - this was the 'big catch' of the trip - a stingray!

A partial view of the Ocean City boardwalk - I believe it's 2 miles long

As with many vacations, they are never quite long enough. We all could have spent a bit more time at the beach!

Ocean City - May 2010

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